Mailbag! Hey Doc….What are the best, natural ways to protect from the sun and still get Vitamin D?

With commonsense, planning and smart choices everyone can enjoy the sun and benefit from a heavy dose of Vitamin D.  But there is a safe way to enjoy the warmth of the sun without issues…it start with education!

Being a fair-haired, light complected Irishman….Dr. Sean has tons of personal knowledge on this topic!  Have a listen to his latest Mailbag! where he covers:

  • What is Vitamin D, how do we get it and why do our bodies need it?
  • What causes us to burn from the sun’s light?
  • Why are small doses of sunlight over a period of time best?
  • How does Dr. Sean get the proper amount of sun and Vitamin D on his body?
  • What are the best NATURAL Sunscreens?

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