About Us

McCaffrey Health Center was founded in 2000 by health and wellness pioneer Dr. Sean McCaffrey with a single vision to revolutionize health care by restoring patients’ health through proven, natural therapies that treat the cause of chronic and degenerative disease…and not just the symptom. Over the years, Dr. Sean and his staff have educated thousands in the community and nationwide how to return their bodies to a normative, balanced state and reclaim the good health many thought was lost forever.

The self-proclaimed ‘Robin Hood of Healthcare,’ McCaffrey Health believes in common-sense healthcare.  We challenge the status quo of a dysfunctional medical paradigm that we are led to believe we must blindly follow and accept without question.  We believe that our unique approach to healthcare works because time and again, we have helped our patients restore normal body function and get well—after their conventional physicians have given up on them. We believe in ongoing research and study so that we may provide the highest level of treatment care available in order to help our patients achieve newfound health and vitality. And finally, we believe that we can succeed, even when conventional medicine has failed.

Discover What We Do At McCaffrey Health Center

We treat individuals looking to take back their life and restore their health but have been disillusioned by mainstream medicine.  McCaffrey Health Center is a more holistic healthcare solution that brings hope and healing by addressing the underlying stresses that cause chronic & degenerative health issues –rather than simply “managing” symptoms by overmedicating or conducting costly, potentially risky and sometimes ineffective exploratory surgeries as mainstream medicine does.

We do this by treating our patients with our proprietary McCaffrey Method, a blend of integrated therapies individualized to restore normal body function. Developed by the “doctor’s doctor,” Dr. Sean McCaffrey, is a digestive health specialist with a post-doctoral license in internal health, who has studied the best modern modalities, as well as the most highly-guarded treatment secrets learned from old masters and perfected over the centuries. The McCaffrey Method combines a unique combination of cutting-edge, modern technologies, classic chiropractic techniques and other little-known but highly proven treatment methods that have restored long-lasting health and wellness to thousands of patients over the past 18 years.