Integrated Urinalysis Panel (IUP)

The Integrated Urinalysis Panel (IUP) is a laboratory test that shows how a person’s system is fighting to respond, to adapt and to manage their greatest pre-disposition towards the physical, emotional, and nutritional stresses that are directly or indirectly responsible for their health conditions.

Simply stated, the IUP is a “Body Audit” that tells a patient where they are spending their energy and resources, reveals the underlying causes, and provides insight as to the correct treatment to restore normal function, in an attempt to reverse or prevent chronic and degenerative disease.

An Early Warning Sign

Used in conjunction with the McCaffrey Method, the Integrated Urinalysis Panel is a an epigenetic predictor of health issues well before they manifest into a symptom, thereby allowing for treatment before the symptom progresses into a full blown, more serious, chronic condition.   

The IUP provides valuable biochemical insight to 8 essential pathology patterns that determine mechanical, emotional and nutritional stresses tied to disease and chronic conditions.  Based on urine collected over a 24-hour period, the test shows where the body is spending its energy, fighting to stay healthy.  It shows clinical evidence of the body’s attempt to compensate for homeostasis – normal balance – even before it enters a disease state.  It is the only test of its kind that provides an early warning sign to potential disease states even before they appear on a standard urine dip or blood test.