Chiropractic in our office is for EVERYONE! It is a big piece of Dr. Sean’s healthcare system, The McCaffrey Method. Some patients come to our practice JUST for chiropractic care! Chiropractic is the only therapy of Dr. Sean’s that we provide in ala carte form. If you are looking to come in only for an adjustment, we got you!

Dr. Kyle Brown heads up the chiropractic division of McCaffrey Health Center. Dr. Sean adjusts each and every patient under his care PLUS all of the other modalities of The McCaffrey Method (Link to McCaffrey Method page). Dr. Kyle ONLY provides chiropractic services! Don’t worry! Dr. Kyle has spent the last year under Dr. Sean’s guidance, learning from Dr. Sean a myriad of adjusting techniques.

No matter if you see Dr. Sean for The McCaffrey Method, or Dr. Kyle for chiropractic services only, you’ll still be adjusted at each and every appointment!

Why Do You Need Our Chiropractic Care

  • You’re a living, breathing human being! No, we aren’t kidding – everyone should have regular adjustments.
  • You’re in pain of any kind, back, neck, knee, shoulder, elbow, etc.
  • You’ve been in some kind of fall, accident, or suffered an injury.
  • The body is constantly challenged as you live your life, sitting, standing, folding laundry, chasing your kids or grandkids, walking, running. If you do any of these things, regular adjustments to keep your body aligned are critical to slow the aging process, not unlike your car getting aligned.
  • You want to slow the aging process!!!!

Why You Should Choose Us For Chiropractic Care

  • Sean has a 100-year family lineage in chiropractic. Did you know his grandfather was friends with D.D. Palmer – the inventor of chiropractic? Dr. Sean trained under his grandfather and knows some “old school” tricks no longer taught today!
  • Multiple styles of adjusting! No one technique does it ALL which is why our doctors are well versed in 15 styles of adjusting. No, there’s not JUST ONE!
  • Education, education, education! Dr. Sean has been honing his chiropractic skills for the last 20 years. In his opinion, his doctorate in chiropractic wasn’t enough. This is why he practices 15 different styles. You can be assured one will work for you!
  • When your head doctor is as educated as Dr. Sean, you can be sure the associates in practice are also educated! Dr. Kyle has been under Dr. Sean’s guidance for the last year – he is a chiropractic wonder because of it!

What Our Patients Have To Say