Chiropractor Springfield, IL

Pain is the bodies “communication system” and is an indication something may be wrong. We discovered years ago the primary cause of joint and muscle pain is the result of muscles that have been injured in some way. When a muscle is injured, the nerve centers where the muscle attaches to the bone inhibit the muscle to protect it from major damage. The muscle will still contract during motion, but if the muscle is stressed it will give way due to the pain response at these nerve centers.

Other muscles have to adapt to take over the loss of muscle function. At the unconscious level the body avoids using the injured muscle and our pain goes away. As time passes more and more muscles become injured and inhibited. Eventually the ability to adapt from muscles that do not work efficiently is lost and chronic pain occurs.

If you are suffering from:
» patellar tendonitis
» knee problems
» shin splints
» tendonitis
» plantar fasciitis

Of if you find that you are constantly pulling at your shirt or sweater because it is pulling to one side, then we need to speak. Your body has had some trauma or is under stress and there is a simple adjustment that can be done to make you stress free. You will walk better, sleep better and move better.