Springfield, IL, Indigenous Medicine

Global Knowledge, Local Expertise

If you are interested in indigenous medicine or are looking for an indigenous medical practitioner in Springfield, IL, you need to see Dr. Sean McCaffrey.

At McCaffrey Health Center’s offices in Springfield, IL, we are interestedin helping our clients restore normal function and find perfect health.  This has been mankind’s quest throughout the centuries, and many cultures have contributed tot he global knowledge base for howto keep healthy.  This knowledge is passed down from generation to generation and has much to offer and teach us.

What is Indigenous Medicine?

Indigenous Medicine is the collective knowledge of the healing arts of any given culture, gathered over thousands of years and used for the benefit of a local community.  Because healing was local for most of humanity’s existence, different remedies, global treatment styles or healing modalities were developed in different parts of the globe and passed down throughout the ages from father to son or from an elder shaman to a younger tribesman.