About the McCaffrey Laboratory

McCaffrey Laboratory is one of only two CLIA Laboratory’s in the country certified to perform the 23-point gold standard Integrated Urinalysis Panel.  Dr. Sean McCaffrey, D.C., I.H.S, L.D.H.S., founder and owner of McCaffrey Laboratory, has used this biochemical screening method to treat thousands of patients for almost two decades. Dr. McCaffrey pioneered the concept of integrating a urological body audit as a way to achieve critical and pathological insights to essential health and lifestyle questions that have a direct correlation to help reverse disease and to help restore perfect health. Testing procedures and the Report of Findings conform to accepted physiological and biochemical functions as well as standard laboratory procedures.

The Path To Perfect Health

The key to reversing chronic conditions and achieving perfect health is understanding the pathology of your body.  Simply stated: what’s going on inside your body, how it’s trying to compensate to remain normal, identifying the underlying nutritional causes forcing stress on the body and developing a personal treatment plan to restore normal balance.

The Integrated Urinalysis performed by the McCaffrey Laboratory is a diagnostic urine test that determines nutritional stress and provides clinical insight as to where the body is spending its energy, fighting hard to stay healthy and maintain normal balance.  A 23-point, gold-standard, urine screening test, provides a personal analysis into clues and warning signs that pinpoint internal stresses, digestive issues and immune function that are leading causes of many serious condition or chronic illness.

Ask yourself these questions to see if the experts at McCaffrey Laboratory can help you:

  • Have you struggled with a chronic, long-standing and complicated health problem? 
  • Have you consulted numerous healthcare specialists and clinics, yet no one has given you a lasting treatment plan? 
  • Are you tired of being prescribed costly prescriptions that merely provide temporary relief of symptoms (at best) and cause other side effects?
  • Are your symptoms negatively affecting the quality of your life?

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