Welcome to McCaffrey University!

We are the Robin Hood of Healthcare and our mission is to revolutionize healthcare!  We are passionately working to educate, innovate and inspire our patient and doctor community.  Our message is  clear:  We must challenge the status quo of a dysfunctional healthcare paradigm that we are led to believe we must blindly follow and accept without question. McCaffrey University supports this mission through its various speaking events, workshops and online training forums.

Dr. Sean on IWIL Opioids Abuse Panel – Coming in September

We’re super excited to announce that Dr. Sean will be joining a panel to discuss opioid abuse at this year’s IWIL – 7th Annual Women’s Symposium by Illinois Women in Leadership on September 27th at Crowne Plaza Springfield!

Our Fireside Chat was hot stuff!

Our Fireside Chat event on Wednesday, July 2018 attracted more than 70 people – with old, but mostly new, faces!

If you missed the opportunity to hear Dr Sean speak about his Muscle Memory Reintegration (MMR) do not fear as there will be a further two events in this series of four.

However, if you can’t wait until the next Fireside Chat – or you attended and you want others to experience Dr Sean’s energetic and enlightening presentation – we can come to your place of work. That’s right, we’re now offering, more condensed, but similar presentations – with a show and tell element as we had at Inn at 835 in Springfield on Wednesday – for corporates. For more information call the McCaffrey Health Center and ask to speak with Heather.

Many thanks to all those that came out, we had such a great time sharing with you Dr Sean’s one-of-a-kind techniques that eliminate pain and injury for those suffering chronic pain in their body, joints, and spine with little to no relief for years on end.

If you’d like to book a consult with Dr Sean you can do so on the phone or by registering with online.

Watch for our next Fireside Chat! 

Corporate Health & Wellness Speaking at Scheel’s

Dr. McCaffrey enjoys sharing his powerful “Revolutionize Healthcare” presentation with people in the community, and especially with employees of companies who share our passion for a natural, better approach to restoring and maintaining good health.

FTE Advisory Board

Dr. Sean served on the Advisory Board for the Food Enzyme Institute including past speaking engagements. FTE specializes in balancing the body for optimal health through diet and nutrition.  ook fast, he is in a SUIT! Probably won’t see him in one again until next year for this conference! ; )

Interested in having Dr. Sean speak to your company or organization?    Dr. Sean is happy to share his compelling message of “Revolutionizing Healthcare” and educate your audience how it is possible to restore and maintain good health for life…without surgeries, medications or expensive therapies.