Digestive Health Specialist

Have you ever wondered if you have a digestive problem? Maybe this will help. Have you ever been bloated, suffered from gas, fatigue, or heartburn? Do you have reflux or take antacids or proton pump inhibitors such as Prilosec? How about diarrhea, constipation, or IBS? Do you still have a gall bladder? What about allergies or maybe a skin condition like eczema?

If you said yes to any of the following questions, then chances are you’re taking some type of prescription medication for it. However, do you realize that taking these medications only help the symptom and not the source?

The problem here is that your body is not healthy. Typically when the body is unhealthy and unbalanced it has what’s called a stress cascade. This means that the body is taking on a fight or flight experience. And, as you know during this unhealthy activity your body is experiencing a cascade of physiological effects. What is required is someone to look at you from the whole body and not symptomatically!

Stress – either mechanical or chemical, or emotional stress that’s either too strong or continues too long for the body to be able to adequately compensate, produces every unhealthy crisis. Therefore, any treatment designed to symptomatically suppress the unpleasant symptoms diminishes the body’s ability to protect and most importantly – heal itself.

Coincidentally, symptoms are the first clue that something is wrong within the body. Having a symptom doesn’t mean anything harmful other than the fact that some type of internal disease has begun. Because the body is such a marvel, it will do what it can to heal itself. However, the body tends to use its own internal mechanisms to rob from Peter to pay Paul in order to get healthy. That said, rather than look at the source, you need to look at the entire body to understand the true nature of the stress.

At McCaffrey Family Health Center we don’t look at the problem, we look at the entire body. We feel that the best way to get you back to health is to look at the body from the inside out. If you are suffering from years of digestive disorder due to stress or other maladies that have never been cured, you need to call us right now and set up an appointment.