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Dr. Sean was asked by Live In the for his natural approach to relieving chronic migraines with curcumin, a property found in the spice turmeric.

According to the Alzehimer’s Association, dementia affects an estimated 5.7 million Americans.  Fortunately, we do have impact on this cruel disease when it comes to prevention.

Dr. Sean was asked by, along with other leading healthcare experts, to give his recommendations on changes we can all make now how to stave off dementia as we age.  Read further and learn about the MIND diet and how this simple change in our diet can keep dementia from entering our bodies.

Is Drinking Aloe Vera Juice Actually Beneficial?

There is little known research behind the drink, yet it’s been popping up everywhere. Read Dr. Sean’s comment about Aloe Vera Juice and its benefit for digestive health.

8 Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water–Even If You Think You Are

In the Health section of Business Insider, Dr. Sean is featured prominently in an article about how important it is to drink enough water

This Is Exactly How a Doctor Uses Apple Cider Vinegar to Fight the Flu So You Can Do the Same

As flu season rages on, everyone is turning to Dr. Sean for help.  POPSUGAR Fitness asked him for advice on how to fight off bacteria and viruses. He even gave a flu-fighting apple cider vinegar recipe that you can make at home!

Dr. Sean on Wound Healing with Natural Products: Effective Plant-Based Treatments as featured in

Many of nature’s best healing agents, however, have been available for thousands of years.

How the hell do we detox our bodies? Experts give us answers

Dr. Sean is asked to help explain the best detoxification methods for your best health ever!

Why Being Thin Doesn’t Always Mean You’re Healthy

From an early age, women are conditioned to believe that not only are thin bodies more “attractive” than fat bodies, but that being thin is a clear indicator that a person is healthy and in excellent shape…but Dr. Sean explains how you can be thin but not healthy and emphasizes the danger of judging a person’s health and fitness simply by looking at them.

Special Report: State of Women’s Wellness 2017

Dr. Sean McCaffrey is one of 10 top experts who was asked to provide insight  and analysis regarding Everyday Health’s study on personal wellness for women.

Foods and drinks that will boost your immune system amid this flu scare

Dr. Sean explains exactly how a healthy diet can build a stronger immune system with these five flu-fighting foods.

7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health and Have More Energy

Forget the quick fixes! For true health, there are smart (and easy) ways to manage your energy.  It’s not as simple as slamming down a jolt of caffeine from Starbucks first thing every morning, so LivingBetter50 asked Dr. Sean to share his expertise with their readers.

Adaptogens: The Powerful Energy Boosters You Haven’t Heard Of

Dr. Sean and several other experts were asked for their thoughts on natural methods to combat stress with adaptogens

The Best Laptop Stands and Ergonomic Desk Accessories, According to Chiropractors and Physical Therapists

New York Magazine’s The Strategist seeks out experts to highlight the most useful recommendations for things to buy across the internet. Because of his expertise in chiropractic care, they recently asked Dr. Sean for his opinion on the best desk set up options

15 Things You Don’t Realize Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

You can sidetrack weight loss with deprivation, lifestyle choices, and your sleep habits. Reader’s Digest asked Dr. Sean and some other nutrition experts to identify the most common obstacles to weight-loss success. This advice can help you get back on track.

Is Kombucha Actually Healthy?

Dr. Sean was asked to provide his perspective on whether kombucha is actually good for you in an article

We Need to Talk About This Nasty Side Effect of Your High-Stress Life

Everybody knows how Dr. Sean feels about stress (it is the cause of all disease and was foundational to the development of the McCaffrey Method of healing), so POPSUGAR Fitness asked him about the correlation between stress and women who are prone to get a yeast infection.

How to Manage Stress and Live a Balanced Life

Dr. Sean discusses specific steps to eliminating stress and living a balanced life.

Here’s Why It’s Wrong to Tell Women They ‘Have’ to Love Their Bodies

This article discusses body positivity and Dr. Sean’s tips to attain healthy, normal self-image.