Zone Therapy

Zone Therapy is a proprietary diagnostic methodology that has been adapted to guide the development of individual treatment plans for every patient.  It is a highly intricate approach to examination and healing that pinpoints exactly were the body is struggling for help. It focuses treatment and energy on six specific zones that require attention in order to restore normal function.  It’s like the body is saying: “Look, this is where my fire is. Please pay attention here.”

This methodology provides the underpinnings for the McCaffrey Method and acts as a roadmap of how the body works. Zone Therapy tells you where the major fire is, what to look for and what’s the primary cause linked to the patient issue.  By treating a specific place (zone), the body elicits a distinct response that’s tied to six functional areas of health.  Based on how we’re wired as humans, this approach signals a reaction from the body as if to say, “Look, I’ve got a problem right there!” Zone work is designed to uncover not just the problem, but also the distinct pattern of how each zone is treated for each individual.

Patients are an active part of the process: They’re shown how it works. They feel it. They hear it.  They see it. We’re training the body to respond with:  “All right. Dr. Sean is giving me a blueprint. Let’s try and build it. Let’s try and make this happen.”

The Six Zones

Zone Therapy Expectations

During treatment, Dr. Sean examines each of the six Zones to determine where the body is suffering.  Each Zone is tied to an internal function which then leads to the proper course of treatment for that specific area of deficit. Each zone holds very special benefits and when unlocked, is the key to a healthy body.  Rather than looking at random areas of the body in no particular order, Zone Therapy is a method that follows a prescribed path.  It makes a huge difference, and results are significantly improved versus just randomly hitting spots.

ZoneWhat to Expect
GlandularImprovement in appetite, digestion, ability to sleep and better elimination. Healthier Kidney function
EliminationImprovement in sinuses, restors nerve life to kidneys, small intestines, bowel, bladder and colon.
NervousImprovement in central nervous systems, better digestion and elimination, body relaxation
DigestionAssimilate foods better, restore stomach glands and better elimination, intestines are stimulated
MuscularDiminished aches and pain, increased strength, better movement and relaxed muscle tone
CirculatoryLower blood pressure, improved thyroid gland function, nerves to heart restored to normal