Life is too valuable to let unresolved
health issues get in the way.

Stop bouncing back and forth from one healthcare provider to another. You deserve a doctor that really listens, sees the whole picture and takes the time and has the knowledge to understand your needs. You need a doctor who actually addresses causes, not just the symptoms. You need Dr. Sean McCaffrey.

Who is Dr. Sean McCaffrey? This is Dr. Sean.

Let the team at McCaffrey Health Center show you how to regain your health and live a long, vibrant life.

Dr. Sean McCaffrey understands just how important your health is to a long and happy life, which is why he has spent the last 20 years helping patients just like yourself become stronger, improve their overall quality of life and become healthy.

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  • Over 20 years helping tens of thousands regain their health.

  • Utilizes over 100 years of proven practices and state of the art technologies

  • Implements different types of specialties for complete care

  • Respected knowledge expert and trainer of the McCaffrey Method to other doctors.



Discover how a personalized plan can make all the difference as Dr. Sean listens to your personal health history and current symptoms.

– $699

In order to get the best insights into your health and create a personalized plan, we start with 3 simple tests.


Dr. Sean takes all the result from the Health Snapshot and maps out a personalized plan for you to follow. Most patients start seeing results in as few as 3 visits!

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What makes McCaffrey Health Center different than everyone else?

  • Personalized Care.

  • Dozens of specialties and techniques to work with.

  • All services in 1 Location.

  • Upfront, honest pricing.

  • Whole body healthcare using the McCaffrey Method.

  • Results you can feel!.

  • Flexible Scheduling.

  • Over 20 years helping tens of thousands.

  • Doctors who listen and pay attention.

We get results when everything else has failed.

What people are saying about McCaffrey Health Center.

Go check this place out. It is without a doubt better than any other doctor or specialist I have seen in my entire life.

MaggieHealed of Heartburn and Reflux

His body of knowledge is so far beyond most doctors

TracyHealed of Diabetes and High Blood Sugar

I have been telling my family and friends about you ever since I was a patient 10 years ago.  Keep up the good work!

KathyMcCaffrey Method Patient

You and your practice are awesome!!

BeverlyPractice Patient

The staff was amazing, and Dr. Sean was great with her.

Angela K.Parent of Weight Loss Patient

It was hard at first, but then it got easier. Now I have more energy.

Ella K.Weight Loss Patient

[Dr. Sean]  eliminated the daily lower back pain I was experiencing. Now I am able to go about my day pain-free

Ron H.Healed of Back Pain

You will be amazed at his skills and thoughtful approach. Dr. Sean is one a kind!

Ellen M.Weight Loss Patient

McCaffrey Health Center

Don’t let lasting, persistent health issues steal a long and healthy life from you!
Find hope and healing through the McCaffrey Method, our individualized treatment utilizing a wide range of methodologies and services.
At McCaffrey Health, we know that you want to be someone who fully embraces life without having any health issues getting in the way. We understand how incredibly frustrating it can be to not get the personalized attention from your healthcare providers.
How many times have you left an office feeling like your provider rushed you through the appointment? Does it feel like your specialist only wants to focus on one area instead of asking more questions? Do you feel like you are being heard by your provider when you raise concerns? Have you had the same health issue for an extended period of time and it’s not getting any better?
We were tired of the status quo of our health system and decided to create a solution!


We utilize a wide range of methodologies and services to get you back to optimal health.










All of these options (and more!) allow us to tailor a treatment that will allow you to enjoy life more and not have to run around to multiple providers.

Regain flexibility and reduce your pain with our Chiropractic Services.

Are you experiencing soreness or stiffness in your muscles or joints? Do you have difficulty reaching certain parts of your body or doing simple tasks? Pain is usually an indicator that a part of your body is out of alignment and needs to be adjusted. McCaffrey Health Center offers the very best in Chiropractic care as part of our complete healthcare system.

Don’t spend another day in pain, let our team help you move with freedom again!

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3 Reasons why fragmented healthcare is hurting you.

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It’s time to live a life full of joy and excitement.

If you have been struggling with the same symptoms, or are tired of being bounced back and forth from one provider to another, let us show you a better way to get the health you want.

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