Muscle Memory Reintegration (MMR)

You will not find a doctor in the country that tackles pain and injury the way Dr. Sean does. With 20 years of clinical experience treating musculoskeletal issues, and 20 years searching the globe for best therapies available, Dr. Sean invented Muscle Memory Reintegration (MMR). He is the ONLY doctor in the country that practices this groundbreaking, life changing, musculoskeletal work. Patients that have sought relief for years are getting it quickly in our office, medication free. It is quick, easy, totally painless, and it will change your life!

Muscle Memory Reintegration - McCaffrey Health

What Is Muscle Memory Reintegration (MMR)?

Over time, pain from a traumatic injury will stress the muscle causing it to shut down and no amount of therapy will restore it back to health.  MMR is a unique muscular system designed to assess each muscle individually, locate the stress and train the muscle to “re-set” itself.  This is a full body exam to see what muscles are active, what muscles have failed and what muscles are not functioning normally.

Whole Body Examination

We start by examining the entire boney structure to find the exact muscle under stress and begin to assess the source of musculoskeletal pain and rule out possibilities. How did the injury occur? Does the muscle move? Where is the pain? Is there swelling? What’s the range of motion? Are other muscles affected by the pain?

How does MMR Eliminate pain?

Using a blend of McCaffrey Method therapies including Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic adjustment, Nutritional Balance, and Functional Neurology, the traumatic stress is located and the impacted muscle is reset.  This turns the muscle back on and instantly re-engages the nervous system.  Once the muscle is reset, the physical therapy starts to work and the inflamed structure will stabilize over time.

Why does MMR work when Physical Therapy Alone does not?

Have you ever gone to a doctor for chronic muscle pain and still not had relief? Typically, the doctor will administer a shot, do an exploratory MRI or Xray and suggest physical therapy.  The reason this treatment is often ineffective and the pain persists is because it is done at the wrong time.  The muscle cannot repair itself because it hasn’t been taught how: physically or mentally. Until you retrain the impaired muscle to re-engage and the brain to accept the change, the pain will endure.

Here is some blog posts and videos about MMR: