Dr. Sean’s Approach to Revolutionizing a Dysfunctional Healthcare Model

According to the World Health Organization, 88% of deaths during 2016 were caused by Chronic, Degenerative diseases and only 12% of deaths were due to acute, traumatic care.

Our current model of healthcare was born out of treating catastrophic injuries soldiers sustained on the battle field. As such, our medical system is really good at handling  acute, traumatic injury such a bone break, a fall or bodily injury.  However that’s not what’s killing us! Our current system is deficient at the chronic, degenerative diseases that caused 88% of our deaths…diabetes, cancer, heart disease, obesity, COPD, ALS and so many other conditions that cause our bodies to deteriorate and eventually die.

The reason is largely due to a Compartmentalized model of medicine that doesn’t consider the whole body or how to treat the underlying cause of the chronic condition.

Compartmentalized Healthcare vs. Internal Healthcare

Let’s consider a middle-add female patient suffering with neck and shoulder problems for the past 15 years. She had seen multiple orthopedic surgeons, numerous physical therapists and even chiropractors and had been prescribed various injections and medications, pain killers, muscle relaxer…with no discernible resolution.  Nothing works.   Why?

Rarely does a patient just have one problem…there are often multiple issues going on in the entire body that’s causing the condition.   But mainstream medical doctors today are compartmentalized…meaning they can only specialize in the area they know…if your condition doesn’t fit their specialty, you’re referred to someone else. Consider the classic toy, a Shape Sorter, that challenged children to figure out what piece of the puzzle fits into its proper hole in the sorter.   That’s a lot like healthcare in our current medical paradigm, and especially doctors who are compartmentalized and can only specialize in the area they know.

Specialized doctors are effective if you walk in the door with a puzzle piece that fits in their “compartmentalized shape.”  Each specialist sees patients in their specific area:  neurologist, orthopedists, chiropractor.  However, if you go to that same doctor with an issue (e.g. square shape) that doesn’t fit within their triangle specialty…you’re sent on a wild goose chase until you find the doctor with the exact shape for your particular sorter (e.g. condition).

The Path to Perfect Health

To achieve Perfect Health, we need to look at the whole picture–total body care, not just one small aspect.   That’s where Internal Health is different from Compartmentalized Care.  Internal Health looks at total body health and is focused on the underlying cause for chronic & degenerative conditions like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, arthritis.   Dr. Sean’s model of Internal Health considers the whole body, what the body needs to support normal body function.The McCaffrey Method is a multi-faceted healthcare system focuses on the whole body, uniquely designed to uncover chronic stresses, treat the underlying cause and restore normal function.  This world-class system of therapies established by Dr. McCaffrey is a blend of modern medicine and treatment strategies from over 6,000 years of cultural health disciplines, along with decades of training from the masters in medicine, woven together into one-of-a kind health care system.  It is the only treatment like it in the world.

Learn more about the McCaffrey Method of Healing the whole body versus compartmentalized approach.