Wellness Wednesday: Are Gut Bacteria to blame for anxiety, depression in obesity?

Obesity and diabetes are serious public health problems across the globe. Since 1975, worldwide prevalence has almost tripled. Global figures for 2016 estimate that around 650 million people, or 13 percent of the world’s population, are obese.

Researchers from Harvard Medical School have concluded Obesity brought on by a high-fat diet might be accompanied by changes in gut bacteria that alter brain chemistry in such a way as to promote anxiety and depression. HUH?! 

Yes… it is true that the food we eat and our nutrition (or lack there of) impacts gut bacteria (aka Flora).  What we put in your mouth feeds over 1B cells in our bodies.  Those cells are impacted by BAD gut bacteria that release chemicals that influence all our systems, causing a myriad of conditions:  anxiety, depression, bi-polar in obesity to name a few.

Dr. Sean helps make sense of this study, gives us the information we need to stay healthy, and explains why the recommended treatment by Harvard is NOT CORRECT in his opinion!

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