6 Reasons to Stop Slouching

How many times did your mother say ‘stop slouching,’ when you were a kid? Well, she was right to do so. If you find yourself slouching at your desk, with your shoulders rolled forward, it’s time to sit up. Slouching can cause all sorts of health problems.

More recently, scientists who studied the science of posture have determined that sitting up straight will make you happier, more confidence and less risk adverse.

Now sit up straight and learn why we should STOP Slouching…

  • 1 Old before your time

    Slouching ages the body. With bad posture, you could develop a dowager’s hump, a triple chin, and a big belly. By standing up straighter you will look taller, younger, and healthier.

  • 2 Respiratory problems

    Slouching squashes your internal organs, including your lungs. If you keep proper spinal alignment you will find your lung function will improve. If you suffer from a respiratory disease, such as asthma, you will benefit from improving your posture.

  • 3 Bloating and gas

    Believe it or not, good posture while eating is vital to making sure your food is properly digested. When you slouch your stomach is squashed and unable to perform its job.

  • 4 Headaches

    As you lean forward you’re adding extra pressure to your spine, constantly holding that extra weight forces your neck and muscles to work overtime. When you get up from your desk you relax them, but the muscles tense and spasm casing painful tension headaches.

  • 5 Neck problems

    Slouching puts stress on the vertebrae of the lower neck, which contributes to degenerative disc disease and other neck problems.

  • 6 Positive mental attitude

    There’s research to suggest that people who maintain an upright-seated posture have better self-esteem and a more positive attitude.

So, how do you improve your posture?

Place your feet firmly on the ground. Stand up tall. Relax as you lengthen out as much as you can. Arch your lower back then tuck your pelvis. Lengthen your spine as you find the center point between the arch and the tuck. Lift your shoulders forward to your ears, and then roll them back. Keep lengthening your neck as you do this. Level your head and chin.

Now you have perfect posture!