Wellness Wednesday: Multivitamins ‘of no benefit’ to heart health…myth or reality?

About half of all Americans take multivitamins. Many also take individual vitamin supplements. And roughly one in five U.S. adults uses herbal supplements. All told, Americans will spend $21 billion on vitamins and herbal supplements. 

It’s a debate that’s gone on for years, do vitamins help or are they a waste of time?  How much do they benefit your heart?

Dr. Sean dispels the multi-vitamin myth and educates his followers to the real question: “Is your body chemistry effectively digesting & absorbing the food you eat? If you’re not absorbing nutrients from food, how will you ever get it from a pill?”

To reveal if you are digesting and absorbing the proper nutrients from your normal diet, without the aid of expensive multi-vitamins, consider running an Integrated Urinalysis Panel…a nutritional body audit to show how your body is using the fuel you give it.

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