Miracle Minute! Dr. Sean removes chronic gorilla off Kevin’s back!

Miracle Minute!  When Kevin first came to see Dr. Sean he was in chronic leg pain, overweight and had 82 muscles not properly engaged.  It felt like a 500 lb gorilla on his back!

Fast forward, after musculoskeletal treatment from Dr. Sean, Kevin’s gorilla is off his back and chronic pain is GONE!!  With Dr. Sean’s help, Kevin has now lost weight, 82 dis-engaged muscles is down to 3, has more energy, can move again and feels better than he has in years.

Wanna take the monkey  off your back? Suffering from pain? Injury? Any musculoskeletal issues? We have the BEST solution for our patients – it’s natural and painless. Hint: it IS straight outta Ireland because our favorite Irish doctor created this amazing technique.

Call 217-726-0151 or email: info@mccaffreyhealth.com NOW to set up your new patient consult! Dr. Sean only has about 10 new patient consults each week. So join the THOUSANDS of patients across Springfield that took the first step and made the call to change their lives! Appointments book fast!

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