Miracle Minute! Down 21lbs in 5 weeks for Wedding Dress Bliss!

Miracle Minute!  Who doesn’t want to rock the wedding dress on their wedding day?  When this young lady came to see Dr. Sean she was desperate to lose weight for her wedding but didn’t want a quick fix program; she wanted lasting, healthy results.

As he does with most patients, Dr. Sean applied his extensive knowledge of nutritional science and began by improving her diet and nutrition to balance the body.  Losing weight and restoring health is not a quick, gimmicky fix at McCaffrey Health.  It’s a well defined process that begins with running a Body Audit to see how the body is currently responding to the food you digest and structuring a program to re-set the chemistry for lasting weight loss. After running the Integrated Urinalysis Panel (IUP),  he could tell where her body was struggling to digest, absorb and eliminate her food consumption.

The Result?  She was down 21lbs in 5 weeks and on her way to feeling beautiful on her wedding day!

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