The link between diabetes, weight, and inflammation!

BYE-BYE DIABETES! In our clinic that is VERY much a reality! I’ve helped thousands of people reverse diabetes!

100 million Americans have diabetes or prediabetes according to the CDC. It is estimated that 85% of diabetics are overweight. Research on diabetes showed that compared to people without diabetes, those with diabetes were 70% more likely to have rheumatoid arthritis, 33% more likely to suffer from osteoarthritis, and 29% more likely to have osteoporosis. 

A lot of patients are uncomfortable seeing or talking to a doctor about their weight, but it DOES have a direct impact on health. Here’s the deal, I understand it is uncomfortable talking about an obvious issue people can see every day, one that you essentially wear. I have a lazy eye, I’ve lived my entire life avoiding making direct eye contact with people so it’s less noticeable. I was picked on, made fun of, and insecure about it. Sometimes I still very much am. I know this is a deeply personal subject for many, as is my eye for me. 

The thing is though, excess weight is incredibly INFLAMMATORY to the body, HUGELY INFLAMMATORY. It is linked to everything from cancer, heart disease, blood pressure, fatigue, infertility, chronic pain, surgeries related to pain and deterioration. It is like asking a truck to pull a much too heavy load, the truck may be able to do it for a while, but it will deteriorate much faster than had it not. 

In my practice INFLAMMATION is king, I understand how it works, and how it ravishes the body, and over time, can cause premature death and/or a very uncomfortable lifestyle of meds, surgeries, and sick days. The two biggest impacts you can make on your own health is to keep your weight healthy, and stay mobile. Not only can this keep you physically healthy, but you’ll also have a much better shot at living a life of freedom from doctor appointments, emotional struggles, expensive medications, and fatigue. 

I help patients change their lives 40 times a day. Many struggle with weight issues, diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure issues, arthritis, fatigue, and pain. There is a way out guys, it’s called The McCaffrey Method, and if you’re ready – call our office! We can help!