This is MY story, how a bright but very poor, bullied, undersized kid in Illinois, with a lazy eye, grew up to have a 4th-degree black belt in Bushikan Jujitsu. Then he would go on to teach numerous arts throughout the nation to military and law enforcement. He also became a doctor – giving a voice to those that haven‘t one by creating a healthcare system, The McCaffrey Method. I’ve been a fighter my whole life, now I fight for my patient’s lives.

I have a big flaw, and it’s altered the course of my life and is a big reason why I’m committed to giving back. As a child, I was very much a loner, and a black sheep. I was a very bright kid – straight A’s, but I was also small and poor, with eye issues. I have a strabismus, or a “lazy eye.” (Fun fact: I went through high school, my undergrad, and a doctorate never reading a text book. I read too slow so I had to take good notes.) My eye was surgically repaired around 4 years old and for a while it stayed straight, around middle school it began to pull out. There was no more money to fix it a second time and I was also advised that the procedure may cause double vision. Hey, at least I could see! So, to the left my eye has stayed.

As a child I was bullied and knocked around, I was small for my size and an easy target. My father was a difficult but brilliant man and 6 feet, 6 inches tall. He was an intimidating man, by size and character, he was not going to have a son beaten down and broken. Being Irish, he was a fighter and told me I needed to be as well. It was the only way I could assure I wasn’t picked on and no one could take it away from me. It demanded respect! At age 9 he placed me in an adult judo class, where I was thrown around by men twice my age. I had just enough of an angry chip on my shoulder, and I was enough of a loner, that I took to fighting with ease. Kids stopped bullying me when I started fighting back. I fell in love with the confidence, discipline, honor, and history of martial arts, which is rooted in Eastern culture and its healthcare. I have been studying martial arts ever since. Today I have a 4th degree black belt in Bushikan Jujitsu and I have studied and taught numerous arts throughout the nation to various branches in the military and law enforcement agencies.

Healthcare and martial arts have shaped my world and they have both influenced my care.

The summer after my undergraduate degree, I decided to go to law school. I interned at a local law firm that handled divorce and probate. Immediately I knew this wasn’t for me. Medical school seemed a good next choice. While waiting to get into medical school I interned in a hospital and was overwhelmed with the sterility, and watching sick people only get sicker.

Speaking with my chiropractic uncles of my disappointment with my career choice, my uncle said go to chiropractic college! I liked the philosophy of the profession and I already knew a lot about it from my family. While in school I quickly learned that what my family practiced was chiropractic and MUCH more. My uncle practiced chiropractic the way DD Palmer (the inventor of the field) had meant for it to be taught, not the way it was taught under BJ Palmer, his son. DD believed that Chiropractors were to be seen as physicians – not the cookie cutter back and neck clinics of today’s world with every doc on every corner practicing the same watered down version of what was once a great healthcare system.

After graduating with a doctorate of Chiropractic in 2000 from Logan University in St. Louis, I began my quest. I took the top 10 ailments that traditional medicine fails and I said, “There’s my practice! That’s what I’m going to see.” My uncles told me who to mentor and study under. I’ve been learning, and honing my healthcare skills for the last 20 years and will continue to do so forever.

I took my doctorate of chiropractic, the discipline, honor and integrity of my martial arts knowledge, its Eastern healthcare influence, and 20 plus years of learning and clinical experience postdoctoral, and I interwove them together. I created The McCaffrey Method which is my proprietary healthcare system.

I use this method to help my patients NO matter what ailment they come in with. I have an 80% success rate at whatever walks through my doors. Whether you come to see me for just pain, or you are the other 75% of my practice and have multiple issues such as: ulcerative colitis, sciatica pain, reflux, eczema, depression, and insomnia, I have an 80% success rate. Most of my patients are multi-symptom cases.

My gift to my patients is my wealth of healthcare knowledge, vast clinical experience, drive, determination, honor, integrity, and fierce tenacity. I know what it’s like to be alone, unheard, uncertain and beaten down.

As a child growing up poor, with a flaw in the center of my face, I was picked on, bullied and left out. I understand what it’s like to have no voice. It is the nature of my Irish roots to be a fighter and that is exactly what I do. I champion the underdog and in today’s world the patient is clearly the underdog. With prescriptions advertised on television and an industry which really Havnever cures anything, patients are left to the wolves to prey upon them. Patients today feel like numbers in clinics across our country, left to understand complex medical and healthcare issues with little face to face time with their doctors. Pills and profits over patients, if you will.

Healthcare has become a bully to many of us, from its price, to its success rate, our healthcare system is failing us, bullying us into paying big dollars for subpar care. 80% of our population will die from something chronic and degenerative and we rank 42nd in the world for chronic and degenerative care. Yet we pay more for our healthcare than any other country in the world!

The McCaffrey Method is my life’s work, it is my solution to the healthcare crisis we face today. Patients under my care and supervision experience a life transformation from unhealthy, unhappy people into individuals that exude wellness and vitality. It is my belief and practice that each of us should enjoy an active, pain free, healthy life, void of drugs and unnecessary surgeries well into our 80s.

This brings me to a special invitation.

Because we’re committed to helping Springfield and the surrounding communities we’re offering a new patient special for only $99. This is normally valued at $150. Dr. McCaffrey has helped many people with digestive issues, chronic conditions, back pain, headaches, numbness, stress, and other symptoms using safe and NON-SURGICAL methods. Call (217) 726-0151 to schedule an appointment, message us, or click the “Request A Consultation” button above to learn more.

Due to our busy schedule we accept a very limited number of new patients every month. We specialize in precise and comprehensive care which is why we will not crowd the practice. Make an appointment today before the symptoms worsen and the limited spots we have are all gone.

Yours in health,

– Dr. Sean McCaffrey, DC