How BIG is your TRIANGLE?

This past Sunday (11/4) was National Stress Awareness Day. If you’ve followed Dr. Sean’s work or seen him in practice you know that STRESS is the cause of all disease, and MEN are the cause of all STRESS! MEN = Mechanical, Emotional, and Nutritional Stress.

STRESS isn’t just an EMOTIONAL issue, STRESS takes its form in other ways too. MECHANICAL and NUTRITIONAL STRESSES are just as hard on the body. And here’s a fun fact – your body doesn’t know the difference between an emotional, mechanical or nutritional stress. All stress is created equal to the body, and it processes it equally too.

In our clinic, we address all THREE forms of STRESS for a whole body approach to keep our patients as healthy as possible! The solution to wellness is balancing your triangle. For each of us that looks different. If you’re not getting answers from doctors, too many doctors are saying conflicting things, or you don’t even feel HEARD – McCaffrey Health Center is the solution! Our doctors listen, look at the entire picture, your entire triangle and find a solution tailored just for you!