Dr. Sean contributed an article on how to live a balanced life for The Mindful Word. Here’s the first part of what he said:

MANAGE STRESS: Focus on these 7 elements to relieve stress and live a balanced life

Here’s the first thing you need to know about stress: it’s not just a mental or emotional dynamic in our lives.

Controversial, but true. While the mental or emotional aspect of stress is certainly a substantial factor, many people are unaware of or ignore the fact that there are also mechanical and nutritional aspects to stress.

Stress manifests itself in different ways, but it’s always caused by a combination of several aspects of our lives. Most people think of stress as emotional, but our physical health can also play a big part in adding to stress and keeping our lives out of balance. It’s important to acknowledge and address all aspects of stress in order to live a healthy, balanced life.

7 elements of life to manage mindfully

The good news is that many of the elements that contribute to stress can be managed or manipulated in our favour. By mindfully managing these areas of our lives, we can give ourselves the opportunity to eliminate many of life’s stresses and regain balance.