Here‘s How Much Money You’ll Need To Purchase Healthcare In The USA!

The new fall series New Amsterdam premiered last Tuesday on NBC. The show attacked our country’s modern healthcare model. It’s essentially the reason why I chose my profession 25 years ago – and it’s why I have been a cash-based practice since I began. Now it’s becoming trendy but it wasn’t 25 years ago – a cash-based practice was mostly unheard of. I knew insurance would take healthcare here. Where’s here?

“Here”, is our modern insurance based healthcare model. It is wonderful for catastrophic and big-ticket healthcare expenses, no doubt. However, when it comes to illnesses that are chronic and degenerative, insurance-based care can be an uphill battle for doctors and patients. Doctors are stuck only getting paid for specific billing codes, frustrated with the “digital age” of healthcare now, unable to really connect with their patients anymore.  Gone are the days of the family practice, here are corporate owned conglomerates that have tons of red tape, efficiently oiled businesses and they run as such. Patients are left paying huge sums for limited and inefficient care, left feeling unheard, and many times just getting sicker.

I’m surprised the show, which attacks our healthcare system for putting profits over patients, has even been picked up by NBC or any network – as profitable as the system is. New Amsterdam brings a concept into the mainstream that has for years seemed very grassroots. This is a wonderful thing because it gets the dialog going on what we should expect from our providers. Did you know that on average each of you will spend over 400k on health care in your lifetime, and most of it is spent after age 40? If you are married – double it! But the average household income is what 60K? Basically, 6.6 years or 13 years (if you’re coupled up), of your career will be used to pay for healthcare. Are you ok with that? What are you getting for your half-million dollar or million-dollar investment?

Cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, etc., etc., – none of it’s been cured! What are you getting for your 6.6 years of sacrifice? Frustrated? You should be! You’re paying for a Ferrari and getting a Yugo.

After all, health is wealth, right? It’s the most important thing we will ever have, and in our country, we have the most expensive system in the world. So, are you happy with what you’re getting? If not, what is your biggest frustration? You are a customer and you should expect amazing care, care that in my opinion, CURES ailments for this price – that has become lost in this industry, unfortunately.

At McCaffrey Health Center, we are fighting against this model, we know that you want to be living life to the fullest without being held back by anything. To do that, you need a health provider that truly listens, and is a complete wellness provider. The problem is healthcare is fragmented which makes you feel ignored, lost and overwhelmed. We believe everyone deserves the right to lead an active, physical life, well into the later years of life. We understand how important your health is to you which is why we have been helping over 100,000 people just like you over the last 20 years.

Here’s how we do it: we get a snapshot of your overall health. We tailor a health program, pulling from over 30 different forms of care available. You start to see results immediately! So, you can stop being frustrated about your health and instead get your life back and lead a long, active, healthy lifestyle!

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