Fireside Chat Highlight: Dr. Sean Gives Hope To Sufferers of Chronic Illnesses

We had a great time last Wednesday at our first Fireside Chat for 2018, where guests came to “Learn Why M.E.N. Are The Cause of All Disease.”  A room full of people learned important information about how the mainstream medical system is effective at fixing trauma and urgent care, but is NOT effectively meeting the ever growing need to address chronic and degenerative conditions. He also explained what people can do to combat the deficiencies in today’s healthcare so they can take back their lives. Dr. Sean gave hope to the attentive audience at the Inn at 835 that their chronic illnesses just might be able to be healed.

Until about 150 years ago, the conventional wisdom of modern Western medicine viewed care of the body from what Dr. Sean describes as a ‘Newtonian’ perspective. This very matter-of-fact approach was a result of a combination of anatomy, biology, and biochemistry. The standard types of issues presented to a healer at that time were usually acute–an accident from farming equipment or illness from an infectious disease. The Newtonian approach is entirely matter-based, viewing the body as one would an automobile–just a collection of parts that could be fixed one part at a time.

But the discovery of the atom and the introduction of quantum physics to the scientific world changed all of that, and it is now more difficult to provide “auto body repair shop” type approach to healthcare. In addition, there has been a dramatic societal shift in the types of issues people are battling. The World Health Organization estimates that 88% of all deaths today are due to chronic, degenerative issues rather than the acute problems that have plagued mankind throughout time, chronic issues like heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases. Mainstream modern medicine is just not positioned properly to treat these types of issues.

This is particularly true in the United States and other highly developed societies. In fact, while longevity increased in Third World countries, it has decreased in First World countries. The US ranks 42nd among all countries for its health care provisions for its citizens, and the average person will spend $400,000 or more on healthcare in their lifetime. When the median household income is $50,000 per year, that puts a huge strain on the family’s finances.

So what can be done about this? McCaffrey Health Center approach approaches healthcare from a completely different perspective. Dr. Sean believes that stress is the cause of all disease, and M.E.N. are the cause of all stress. Therefore, M.E.N. are the cause of all disease.

Dr. Sean identifies that there are three distinct areas of stress that need to be addressed in order to restore perfect health:

  • Mechanical – This category encompasses the stresses on the anatomy or structural components of the body (musculoskeletal issues)
  • Nutritional – Stresses resulting from improper nutrition, too much or too little food, or the inability to properly digest the food that one eats
  • Emotional – The stresses that monopolize our thoughts — strained relationships, anxiety in our workplace, financial worries and the unending stream of fears that can cripple us

These three areas that make up the “M.E.N.” are interrelated and need to be addressed as part of a bigger whole. Dr. Sean gave hope to the attentive audience at the Inn at 835 that by using the McCaffrey Method of treatments, many chronic illnesses have been healed.

The McCaffrey Method is the culmination of knowledge passed down to Dr. Sean from family generations, from academic mentors, from cultural scholars and healing professionals.   Taking the best of the best from multiple systems, each element of the McCaffrey Method can be used as a standalone treatment or in combination with all the others.  This world-class system of therapies established by Dr. McCaffrey is a blend of modern medicine and treatment strategies from over 6,000 years of cultural health disciplines, along with decades of training from the masters in medicine, woven together into one-of-a kind health care system.  It is the only treatment like it in the world.

At the end of the evening, Dr. Sean made an introductory offer so that everyone can access the healing work Dr. Sean and his team provide. If you would like to see the introductory offer, see the details of the offer Dr. Sean showed during the Fireside Chat (click here button) url:

If you don’t expect a miracle…they tend not to happen.

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