#DidYouKnow? Dr. Sean Interviews Dr. Oz!

People have lost TRUST in healthcare. Can it be reclaimed?
I recently had the privilege to do a sit-down ‘Behind the Scenes’ interview with fellow physician and healthcare colleague Dr. Mehmet Oz. It was a truly wonderful experience and we were able to share ideas on how the past 2 years have fractured the population’s trust in healthcare and its physicians.
We discussed the need for Revolutionizing Healthcare and empowering patients to reclaim their Health! Dr. Oz noted during our discussion….That unlike politicians…. physicians and their patients cannot and should not be easily lobbied….It is here that the true power to reclaim one’s health can be found.
But, it takes courage and resolve. It is why both he and I started in Television and Radio over 2 decades ago.
One of my favorite takeaways from our time together was Dr. Oz telling me “Be Authentic…Stay true to who you are!” This is where integrity can be found and that is how we can help humanity.
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