Deep- Sea Fishing, Extra Weight, a Bad Back and Acupuncture for Pain Relief

60-year-old Rex knew he needed to lose the extra weight when he went deep-sea fishing on a vacation in Florida, but he didn’t really think anything of it… Until he hurt his back on the boat ride back to shore. He knew right away that he needed chiropractic care for a bad back but with Dr. Sean, he got so much more than that. Rex explained his overall physical condition at that time. “I was heavily overweight, prediabetic, my A-1 C was borderline, and I was taking two different blood pressure medications in addition to heartburn medication on a regular basis.”

Rex made an appointment with Dr. Sean immediately and saw him every day for two months. Dr. Sean employed his proprietary McCaffrey Method, using a combination of chiropractic care for a bad back, acupuncture for pain relief and his highly successful individualized weight-loss program to deal with the extra weight. Each aspect of Rex’s individual care plan dealt with different challenge areas to help Rex find his perfect health.

Chiropractic Care For A Bad Back and Losing the Extra Weight

Dr. Sean’s expertise in chiropractic care for a bad back allowed him to easily address the back issues, but because he takes a holistic approach to healthcare, he also urged Rex to lose the extra weight. Rex had friends that had lost weight with McCaffrey Health Center as well, so he was confident he could too. The team at McCaffrey Health Center put Rex on a plan that enabled him to lose 86 pounds over the next several months.

Acupuncture for Pain Relief

Rex explained, “While I have used acupuncture for pain relief before (for minor things), Dr. Sean started sticking needles in my head (a specific technique known as scalp acupuncture) to help take the edge off of the pain I was experiencing during this time. The back alignment totally took the pressure off and of course losing so much weight has really made me made such a difference to me. My quality of life is so much better than it was before.

Since losing the extra weight and restoring normal balance to his life, his yearly physical exam with his regular doctor has taken on a completely different form. Rex explained, “I got off the heartburn medication completely, and over the course of my care, the blood pressure medications were cut in half, then half again, and then half again. When I went for my yearly physical, my regular physician was so impressed. The doctor said, ‘Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!’ My cholesterol is normal, my blood work tests are great, and I feel like I’m totally back to normal.”

When asked why he chose to go to McCaffrey Health Center and Dr. Sean, Rex explained, “Dr. Sean has always been fabulous, and it’s so much more than just chiropractic care for a bad back. First of all, if I went to a normal doctor, he wouldn’t adjust my back. He’d just give me a pain medication to manage the pain. Dr. Sean can handle just about anything, and I find him to be way more knowledgeable about everything. He uses acupuncture for pain relief and also explains what’s going on, what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. He’s been a tremendous help to me. Doctors just treat symptoms, whereas Dr. Sean wants to find out why you have those symptoms.”

Long-Term Results

It has been a year and a half since that deep sea fishing trip, and Rex has easily kept the extra weight off. He has seen the benefit of normal health which has made such a difference in his life. Rex summed up how he felt about his experience at McCaffrey Health Center with this: “Regular doctors can only give you medications; Dr. Sean wants to fix the problem permanently. I tell everybody to go see Dr. Sean. It works for me, and it’ll work for you!“