Back Pain–GONE!

Ron H.  explained his health status in this way: “My general health has not been great for the past 2 to 3 years.” During that time, he has worked with several different healthcare professionals to handle various minor back problems that began to plague him, but the issue persisted.

“I was able to do things, but with a LOT of discomfort,” he explained. The issue developed even stronger, and over a two-week period, the back pain grew severe. “I thought I had slipped a disc and went to the hospital. They gave me lots of pain medication and worked to address what they thought was the problem… but it just wasn’t getting the job done.” The mainstream medical efforts to relieve his severe back pain were unsuccessful, as they medicated the pain rather than treating the underlying cause of the pain.  That’s why he came to Dr. Sean and the team at McCaffrey Health Center.

Ron explained, “I had heard about him from other people I knew, and I listen to him on the radio. What he said made a lot of sense. The others I went to just couldn’t seem to pinpoint the problem, but Dr. Sean has helped me a lot. Within a two week time period, 90% of that severe pain was just gone.”

Dr. Sean listened to Ron’s complaints and used a combination of muscle tests, acupuncture, enzyme therapy, adjustments, and inflammation control diet to eliminate the pain naturally and permanently. Ron has been happy with the results, explaining, “He alleviated the discomfort and eliminated the daily lower back pain I was experiencing. It’s been a big accomplishment. He has also changed my diet, brought my blood sugar levels down and eliminated all the inflammation I was experiencing. He changed my lifestyle, and now I am able to go about my day pain-free.”