Why our chiropractic care is DIFFERENT!

Here’s why our chiropractic care is beyond compare!

When you think of chiropractic, what do you think of? Back and neck, and pain. Traditionally that is what the industry has stood for since about the 1980s. BUT, there is a WHOLE history of the profession before this time, dating back to 1895. Founded by D.D. Palmer, Palmer meant for chiropractors to be physicians with a much wider scope. Doctors of chiropractic up until the last 50 years, were not just back and neck pain docs. They saw the whole picture, treated the whole body, not just neck and back. Dr. Sean’s grandfather was a chiropractor and friend of D.D. Palmer’s. Through his grandfather and other mentors, Dr. Sean learned the founding principles of what the profession once was – Old School Chiropractic if you will.

At McCaffrey Health Center whether you’re receiving care from Dr. Sean or Dr. Kyle, you’re getting 100 years of chiropractic experience in that adjustment. It’s why our results are so different than most! Take a listen to Dr. Sean discuss chiropractic in our office, and the profession as a whole! Listen to WHY we are DIFFERENT!

Dr Sean takes us through the history of chiropractic healthcare

Did you know that Dr. Sean's grandfather was a chiropractor, and friends with D. D. Palmer the founder of chiropractic? Dr. Sean was mentored by his grandfather and now practices more than a dozen chiropractic techniques. Call Heather at (217) 726-0151 to schedule an appointment today. #CommonsenseHealthcare #SpringfieldIL

Posted by McCaffrey Health Center on Tuesday, August 21, 2018