Did You Know? Essential Oils Fight Respiratory Illnesses

Essential Oils for Respiratory Illness

Many medications first came out of the plant world. Trees and plants are also susceptible to viruses however, they cannot move to social distance, so they have to adapt or die. From their adaptation we can benefit also!

One of my favorite uses for essential oils are those that help respiratory illnesses. Here’s the recipe:

1-gallon water

Add 20 drops each of Eucalyptus, Sage, Thyme, and Rosemary

Heat mixture until boiling. Remove mixture from heat, transfer to a boil. Grab a towel, sit down at a table, cover head with towel and breath in the steam however long you can stand. 15-20 minutes would be ideal.

You can do this every two hours if needed for a bad infection but for something milder a couple times a day works fine. Do NOT reheat the water, you’ll have to make a fresh boiled batch each time, as they oils will not tolerate a reheat.

Why does it work? The oils thin mucus and help expulsion, fight inflammation, inhibit cough, and opens the airway.

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