Have you ever had a doctor look at you after a quick examination,
say take this and still weeks later, you still feel the same?

Do you have the same stiffness and joint issues you have had for years? Are you constantly uncomfortable and no doctor has ever really assisted and you are on your last nerve?

The issue why you continually suffer is that your doctor has only looked at the symptom and not the source of the issue. Think for a moment about the visual of a telephone cord, this is your body.

Typically, before you were uncomfortable, your body was aligned, very straight and having no issues. However, each time your body suffers some level of stress or potential trauma, the insides of your body begin to coil similar to the telephone cord. And rather than deal with the source of the coil, the doctor only treats the coil. This only cures that particular issue, but what is causing it. So, when left untreated your body continues to coil and coil until your body is in one large knot causing you internal stress, pain and, as you know much discomfort.

It does not have to be this way. At McCaffrey Family Health Center, we believe in searching for the root cause of the problem and not just masking the condition until the body is forced to compensate in some unpredictable manor which is all too often worse than the original problem to begin with. Our approach to health care supports the body and nourishes it back to health by removing the stress and supports the body’s normal function.