Have you been dealing with chronic pain in your body, your joints, or spine for years with little or no relief?

Are you still dealing with pain from a sports injury, bone break, muscle injury or a failed joint replacement surgery?

Have you been to multiple doctors who seem baffled, can’t make the right diagnosis, blame it on your genetics and throw prescription meds at you?

Yet you have spiraled deeper into pain and grown exhausted, frustrated, or disillusioned by mainstream medicine?

If this sounds like you or someone you know, don’t miss Dr. Sean next free Fireside Chat! It will change your life!

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Save Your Spot! July 18 at 6pm at Inn at 835

You will not find another doctor in the country that tackles and eliminates pain and injury the way Dr. Sean does.  With more than 20 years of clinical experience treating musculoskeletal issues, and 20 years searching the globe for the best therapies, Dr. Sean created Muscle Memory Reintegration (MMR) – a groundbreaking, hands-on, muscle therapy that actually trains the muscle to reset back to normal and repair itself for long-term pain relief.

Attend this complimentary event and witness Dr. Sean’s MMR muscle therapy in action.  Learn how it works to locate the stress, reset the muscle, and restore balance.  Hear from others that were like you, and in constant chronic pain, but now have more energy, are healthy, and live a happier life.

P.S. Our Fireside Chat events are often standing room only so make sure you register early!

You Will Learn...

How stress from an injury and skeletal issues can lead to chronic disease.

Why traditional medicine and PTis ineffective at relieving long-term pain.

About Muscle Memory Reintegration (MMR) – and see Dr. Sean it LIVE!

How others are living a happy life; free of chronic joint and body pain.

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