Dr. Sean was asked by Live In the Now.com for his natural approach to relieving chronic migraines with curcumin, a property found in the spice turmeric.

Studies have linked curcumin, deemed the “King of All Spices,” to a host of wide-ranging health benefits. Although very little research has been conducted on curcumin’s ability to prevent or alleviate migraine headaches, because of its proven anti-inflammatory effects, some health practitioners are prescribing it to their patients with the condition.

Migraines aren’t merely bad headaches. They involve severe pulsating or throbbing pain that is frequently accompanied by vomiting, nausea and sensitivity to sound and light, reports Mayo Clinic. The symptoms are often so incapacitating that those experiencing them have to miss work and other commitments.

Dr. Sean gave his advice on why Curcumin should be in your healthy checklist:

  1. Why Take Curcumin?
  2. How Do You Recommend Taking Curcumin?
  3. What Dosage Do You Advise?
  4. What Feedback Have You Received From Your Patients?

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