Mailbag! Dr. Sean Talks About How To Avoid The Flu This Season

A mother read an article about a young man who committed suicide who had the flu and was taking Tamaflu. Dr. Sean talks about the negative side effects of Tamaflu, including suicidal thoughts, nausea, and others.

He then gave advice on how to avoid the flu and stay healthy this year.  For you and your family, try these:

  • Wash your hands
  • Cover your mouth when you cough (flu is transmitted through the air)
  • Increase your intake of anti-viral foods like ginger, garlic, sauteed onions and oregano oil
  • REST!
  • Stick with a really healthy diet (stay away from sugars!)
  • Reduce stress in your life
    • Take care of your body’s mechanical systems- get adjusted, do a massage or exercise
    • Emotional-take deep breaths to calm yourself (3 breaths each taken in to your belly and then slowly released)
    • Nutritional – Digest your food with a multi-enzyme blend