Break The Cycle of Chronic Pain with a $59 Introductory Special

We are celebrating the addition of Dr. Kyle Brown as Chiropractic Associate  with a very special $59.00 Introductory offer for new patients.

Working closely with Dr. McCaffrey, Dr. Brown’s focus is on chiropractic care, offering relief to patients suffering from back or neck pain, migraines, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, sports injuries, and auto accidents, to name a few. If you’ve been suffering from chronic neck, back, joint or body pain, take advantage of this special $59.00 offer with Dr. Brown.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to get $310.00 in services for $59.00 – a whopping 80% savings, PLUS you’ll get a free BIA and Cellular Cleanse. 

Stop suffering and take your health back with this special $59.00 offer which includes:  

  • New Patient Consultation
  • BIA and Examination
  • Report of Findings
  • Free Cellular Cleanse

Take back your health with our fantastic $59.00 special. If you’ve been told that there is no cure, no hope for you, or that massive medication is the only answer for you, then reach out to us today!

Read about Dr. Brown and the rest of the McCaffrey Health Team.

Meet Dr. Kyle Brown and Take Advantage of Our $59.00 Initial Consultation Special

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