If a 10 Year Old Can Lose Over 20 Pounds in Six Weeks, Maybe You Can Too

“If you put your mind to it, you can do it.”

That’s the message Ella K wants to impart to anyone considering losing weight using the McCaffrey Metabolic Weight Loss program.

In the fall of 2017, Ella’s parents Angela and Jon discussed the possibility of Ella working with the staff at McCaffrey Health Center to lose weight and get healthy. Ella’s mother explained, “Her confidence level had gone down, and she had gained weight. She used to really enjoy sports—volleyball, softball, basketball, and soccer but more recently, she had found it harder and harder to be active.” Angela continued, “Physical fitness was definitely a motivating factor. A friend of ours had great success with the McCaffrey Metabolic Weight Loss program, losing almost 50 pounds. We asked Ella if she wanted to do it, and she readily agreed. We made an appointment, and the staff was amazing. Dr. Sean was great with her, explaining the program and how she could regain control of her health. He explained things in terms that she could best understand. He gave her two options, the ‘easy way’ (that would take a longer amount of time) or the’ hard way’ (that would provide the fastest results). She eagerly chose the’ hard way’ and became determined to be an inspiration to others.

At the start of this journey, Ella’s parents worked to help  set her up for success.  Angela explained, “We were hopeful that it would work, but we wondered if she would be able to stick with it. I actually did the program with her so that she would have a built-in support system (and I lost weight too!). We had discussions with her teachers, to let them know what we were doing and that she would need to drink a lot of water during the school day.”

“It’s changed the way our whole family eats, eliminating potatoes and pizza and replacing them with vegetables and protein. Ella’s 14-year-old brother Will was used to having a lot of junk food in the house but was supportive of this project and understood why those foods would no longer be in the house.

When asked about it, Ella commented that she found the more she got into the program, the easier it became. “It was hard at first, but then it got easier. I love noodles, but now I don’t miss that at all.  It was such a big change for me. I wasn’t healthy at the beginning, but I really wanted to be. It used to be that I couldn’t run. I got tired really quickly, but now I have more energy.” Ella is now able to run a full lap around the track (which she couldn’t do before), and she’s joining both the volleyball and softball teams. When asked what changes this experience has brought, Ella said, “My softball teammate noticed that my face is smaller. I noticed that my belly has gone down, and I’ve lost the chubbiness in my neck.”

Ella‘s mom added,” I went recently to the school for the fall parent teacher conference, and the teacher commented that because he saw Ella every single day, he hadn’t really noticed any difference. But then he saw a picture from the start of the school year, and he couldn’t believe the change.”

The staff has been really helpful and is so proud of Ella’s accomplishment: “Not once did she eat off-plan, even with being a picky eater!”  That’s what Heather Higgins said.  She works with all of the McCaffrey Health Center’s weight loss patients and is beloved by the whole family. “We love Heather!”

This whole journey has been a big accomplishment for Ella, and this was really brought home to her at the McCaffrey Health Center offices when the staff pulled out two 10 pound jars of fat to show her exactly what she had lost. This really helped solidify her resolve to make this a permanent change.

So if you are wondering if the McCaffrey Metabolic Weight Loss program can help you and whether you can really lose the weight, just think about 10-year-old Ella and remember what she said: “If you put your mind to it, you can do it.”