The McCaffrey Method™

M.E.N. Is The Cause of All Stress And Stress Is The Cause Of All Disease™

The McCaffrey Method is a multi-faceted healthcare system uniquely designed to uncover chronic stresses, treat the underlying cause and restore normal function.  This world-class system of therapies established by Dr. McCaffrey is a blend of modern medicine and treatment strategies from over 6,000 years of cultural health disciplines, along with decades of training from the masters in medicine, woven together into one-of-a kind health care system.  It is the only treatment like it in the world.

Decades of Discovery

The McCaffrey Method is the culmination of knowledge passed down to Dr. Sean from family generations, from academic mentors, from cultural scholars and healing professionals.   Taking the best of the best from multiple systems, each element of the McCaffrey Method can be used as a standalone treatment or in combination with all the others.

We are constantly challenging ourselves to add new modalities and looking for commonalties across dozens of different health care disciplines used to restore healing.   Dr. Sean scours the globe looking for hidden gems and techniques that re-balance the body and revive its stable base.